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FuncUnit integrates with third party browser automation and build tools.

Browser automation

To integrate FuncUnit tests with QA automation, FuncUnit tests can be launched by several methods.

Selenium launches visual browsers. It runs selenium tests and reports results to the commandline.

./js funcunit/open/selenium path/to/funcunit.html

Envjs is a simulated browser environment that runs in Rhino. It does not support visual simulation, like clicking or dragging, but can be used for basic unit testing.

./js funcunit/open/envjs path/to/qunit.html

PhantomJS is a headless version of WebKit. It supports runnning full FuncUnit tests without actually launching a browser. It is faster than using Selenium to launch browsers.

./js funcunit/open/phantomjs path/to/funcunit.html

Build tools

Using browser automation tools, FuncUnit can be integrated into the project build.

Grunt is a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects. FuncUnit tests can be run as a grunt build step. When tests fail, the build also fails.

Maven is a build tool used with Java projects. FuncUnit tests can be run as a maven build step. When tests fail, the build also fails.

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool, used to continuously run builds, tests, and report on the health of the codebase. FuncUnit can be tied into Jenkins and made to fail the Jenkins build if FuncUnit tests aren't passing, which would alert developers of problems immediately.

XUnit is a unit testing framework for .NET, whose reporting format is now used in tools across different platforms. XUnit defines a standard XML test output file format.

To turn on the FuncUnit XUnit reporter, supply a -out parameter on the commandline like:

./js funcunit/open/phantomjs path/to/funcunit.html -out "output.xml"

Tools like Jenkins can read this format. If you turn on the XUnit reporter, every time FuncUnit runs a test file called testresults.xml is written to the main directory of your project.

Results are also printed to the console in an easy to read format.

MABOSBMOSCHE-M1:jmvc31 bmoschel$ ./js 
  funcunit/run phantomjs cookbook/funcunit.html 
Using Default Settings
starting steal.browser.phantomjs

  recipes present
    [x] There is at least one recipe
  create recipes
    [x] Typed Ice
  edit recipes
    [x] Typed Cold Tap Water
    [x] Typed Ice Water

Time: 11 seconds, Memory: 81.06 MB

OK (4 tests, 5 assertions)