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Documenting Cookbook cookbook.documenting


Documentation is a critical step in creating maintainable code. It's often burdensome on developers and becomes neglected. JavaScriptMVC's integrates DocumentJS to make it easy to document your code.

Generating Documentation

Create the docs by running:

> ./js cookbook/scripts/docs.js

Viewing Documentation

Open cookbook/docs/index.html and you'll find something like:

Writing Documentation

The generated app comes with very minimal docs. But, it gives you a great place to start. Open cookbook/cookbook.md. This is the top level page for the cookbook application. Notice that it's markdown!

The syntax for documentation is very similar to JavaDoc. However, there are some important differences. Consult the DocumentJS's documentation for more information.

Next steps

In the context of this trivial application, you've been exposed to major features of JavaScriptMVC:

  • code separation
  • testing
  • building
  • documentation

This is pretty cool! Look at how simply you went from nothing to a compressed, tested, and documented application.